Lotus Blossom Pug

Lotus Blossom Pug

Friday, August 22, 2014


Good Morning!  I have received numerous e-mails concerning people wanting a puppy (of course) because their prior dog died a mysterious death.  Of course they didn't get their prior dog from me, so there are big questions as to why a previously healthy dog would die.  I have never used Trifexis as a flea/heart worm prevention, but there does seem to be a link.  When I send a reply to them, I now ask if their prior dog was on this.  While it is a simple pill given once a month, I'm guessing that no one would be using it if they thought there could be a link (death).  Facebook even has a page "Does Trifexis Kill Dogs?"
Anytime we expose our animals to toxins and pesticides, we run the risk of a reaction, or a possible poisoning.  I certainly don't want fleas though! I think everyone needs to make their own decisions on what they choose to use. The veterinarian office I use pushes Trifexis. I won't use it....and if I question it, I am told it is perfectly safe.  Hmmm....how many times have I seen ads on T.V. for various pharmaceuticals ("is your child badly behaved or hyper?...Why wait...give him Risperdal!")...and then the next commercial is an attorney ("if you gave your son Risperdal and he grew boobs and could nurse a baby...call us!")  Sometimes things are touted as safe, but are not safe.
Trifexis contains pesticides called Spinosad and Milbemycine oxime.  Because this pill is ingested (eaten) it is more absorbent than putting flea meds on the dogs back.  I copied this from the internet:
       The claims of the drug's safety and advertisements on their company's website may seem premature to boast for a drug that's been on the market just over 2 years and that already has claims of this magnitude. And for the dog owners who have recently lost their furry family members to Trifex, the claims of safety are not offering comfort. The Trifexis website also has a warning, "Like all medications, sometimes side effects occur. If you suspect your dog has had an adverse reaction to Trifexis, please call: 1-888-545-5973."
According to an interview with an FDA spokesperson, Channel 2 Action News Atlanta reports, "The agency hasn't updated the numbers, because it is updating systems. The new numbers also show a huge jump in the cases of dogs reported sick after taking Trifexis." Among reports of death, are other ailments including dogs who appear excessively lethargic, "The FDA numbers posted online for lethargy is just above 600. The updated number..it's actually nearly 8,000. The numbers on the web for vomiting is at 2,200. Updated figures revealed it's closer to 30,000."
       I have more than one dog, and don't want fleas or heart worms, so what I use is frontline.  I skip a month between uses (unless we are having a very bad flea year)..and skip several months in the winter.  Did you know that you pay the same for a dose of frontline for a 10 lb dog and/or a 130 lb dog? 
Most people probably wouldn't want to mess with it, but I buy the dose for the biggest dog and break it down.  That way I get about 5 or 6 doses for the price of one.  For heart worm prevention I buy the ingredient in heart-guard (ivermect).  It's sold in a glass container in most farm supply stores (ivermectin), and is sold as a swine wormer.  You could dose your dog for the life of your dog for under $40.00.  I do this every other month as the research shows it actually stays in their system for up to three months.  If I do flea meds on the first, I do heart worms meds on the 15th. It gives their bodies a chance to get over the first meds before the second.  I don't have fleas or heartworms and don't have poisoned dogs.  Thank Goodness I don't have sons with boobs either!
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