Lotus Blossom Pug

Lotus Blossom Pug

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Socializing your pug

Good Morning!  I'd like to talk a little about socialization.  I have included an e-mail I received from Todd H.  It says, "Mollie Lu and Mabel Rose are doing unbelievably amazing! They are growing quick and are absolutely gorgeous. The picture was from their first visit to PetsMart today. They have been extremely social around the neighborhood and well behaved with everyone they come in contact with, including big and small dogs. We couldn't be happier."
 It's no secret that taking your pug out to experience new sights and sounds...people and other animals, will help them to not be afraid of new experiences. Pugs are pretty social and friendly by nature, but can become frightened easily if you fail to socialize them.  I knew someone that had a pug that wouldn't step on the grass as she didn't like the feel of it under her feet.  This was because they lived in an apartment/condo situation and their pug used indoor potty pads only.  At some point you will need to take your dog to the Vet for check ups and you don't want a dog that is petrified of the car, other dogs, and other people.  The best time to get them used to being 'out and about' is when they are young. Make sure they are current on their vaccinations and be very cautious around other dogs.  I don't trust anyone saying "My dog is fine..he wouldn't hurt a flea"!  My next door neighbors have a very large dog named Macho.  I always thought they said is name was Nacho..so that's what I called him.  I live in a semi rural area (in a housing area, but there are woods across the street...with no houses built there yet).  Macho-nacho has been in my front yard playing around many times while I was out there talking with his owner.  He never bothered my pugs, and happily played with them.  One day Mr. Neighbor guy was walking him around the block....being pulled by him was more accurate.  When they got around the corner, the neighbor outside washing his car greeted them.  That neighbors little 15 year old Min-pin was barking at Macho-nacho.  The guy washing his car said "is your dog friendly?"  While next door neighbor guy was trying to say "Oh yes...he would never hurt a flea", Macho-nacho lunged forward (pulling free) and literally ripped the hide off of the little min-pin. He died in rout to the Vets office.  The craziest thing about this whole situation was the reaction that my next door neighbor had.  He felt it wasn't really his fault that he couldn't control his dog while walking him...that it was the min-pins fault for barking at Macho-nacho.  He asked me how much min pins cost...maybe he could offer the car wash neighbor some money and everything would be fine.  What? Are you insane?  Your dog just killed a member of those people's family...like their baby!  Needless to say, I never allowed my pugs out in the front yard after that.  They finally moved and the new family that moved in, kept a chihuahua tied up outside all day in the heat.  That little dog was an escape artist (I'd escape too if I made to live tied to a tree in the Florida summer).  When she would escape, she would run into my yard and try to kill me. Numerous times I would go over and make sure she had water if she knocked her dish over.  There was no explaining this to her.  Thank goodness they moved too.  The bottom line is that you need to be very careful about other dogs when you have your pugs out for social time...or walks....or have insane people for neighbors.
 Below is the picture Todd H. sent of his two girls at petsmart. 
Mollie and Rose are having a fun shopping day!

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