Lotus Blossom Pug

Lotus Blossom Pug

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Good Morning!
I started this blog yesterday.  The lady that did my web-site suggested that I start one.  How on earth am I going to find something interesting (informative?) to say on a regular basis? That's a strange thought since I am always chatting away (most of the time to myself) about something.  So...instead of worrying about it, I'll just start sharing.
This morning I was on my porch having my coffee, when I noticed a big nasty spider.  I don't care how little they really are...they all look big and nasty to me.  I know they have their place in the environment...I just don't want them in MY environment.  After my heart started beating again, I noticed it was not moving...and actually had its legs off the ground....sort of trapped in a web that connected to my little wicker table.  That usually means one thing.  There is probably a brown widow spider nest up under the table.  Florida has these everywhere!  Unlike the black widow, the brown widow spider seems to not care about finding dark places to build their webs and egg sacs.  I've seen these in window casings (outside) and under my house eves every year.  Just leave a plastic chair outside for a month and then flip it over...almost always I can find the egg sacs.  The spider itself is a big chicken and will hunker down in the corner somewhere.  The web is VERY strong and can be hard to swipe away.  I use a stick to remove the web and eggs, after spraying the nest with wasp spray. The wasp spray shoots out so far that I don't actually have to be very close...which is good.  I wait a few minutes until I can see the spider die and then go back to remove the web and eggs.  No one on earth can know how much I hate this process. I have arachnophobia in the worse way.  The only things that spurs me on is the knowledge that those eggs will produce more babies.
These egg sacs are about the size of my pinky fingernail...and are usually seen in clusters of three or more...and they are everywhere here (outside).  Under chairs, flower pot lips, garage door crevices, window corners. The venom is twice as toxic as a black widow spider, but they are less likely to bite....and when they do, they inject less venom.  I'm not that concerned about the venom.  Anyone with arachnophobia understands the heart attack that accompanies just seeing these things.  I worry about my pugs.  They get under things and are much more likely to come in contact with a spider than I am.
So...today I am going to get outside for an exterior house and yard check.  I'll be armed with my trusty wasp spray and long pointy stick.  Of course my dogs will be inside enjoying the cool indoors while I'm doing this.  Anytime I use any chemical or pesticide (and I try not to), they are not allowed in the area.  Be still my heart...I must be brave..for I am Xena Warrior Princess!

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