Lotus Blossom Pug

Lotus Blossom Pug

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Flying with your pug!

Good Morning!
Are you thinking about traveling, and wondering about taking your pug with you?  The great thing about pugs, is that they love to travel too!  They seem to know it's 'quiet time' and are pretty good about these things.  You do need to check with the airline ahead of time and make sure they allow dogs on board, in the cabin with you.  You will have to pay for a ticket (unless your dog is a service dog)...and that is usually around $80.00.  Most pet stores carry soft sided carriers....and most airlines require these.  If you are going to a Hotel prior to departure, or when you arrive, make sure the Hotel allows pets.
The picture (above) is of Miss Claira (all 10 pounds of her)....loved and owned by Bonny B.
Bonny travels often for her job, and wouldn't think of leaving her behind.  Miss Claira knows when it's time to go and gladly jumps into her flight carrier. Bonny makes sure she has a doggy day care lined up for her work day the following day, and Claira is always a big hit at her hotels and day care centers.  How can anyone not like a well behaved, non-barking pug!  She politely waits in her room for her room service meal...a pouched egg. Claira never leaves home without her purse...which she carriers with her...in her mouth.  (It's just a stuffed toy purse but we won't tell her that).
Pugs are like little people in doggy suits.  Their funny antics and wonderful personalities make them such a joy to have in our lives!  I feel Blessed!

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